Bankruptcy Fees

CHAPTER 13: The federal judges assigned to the bench of the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, have determined what constitutes a “reasonable fee” to be charged in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases: $4100.00 for a mandatory 60-month case; and $3750.00 for a non-mandatory 36-month case, exclusive of the $310.00 filing fee. This Firm’s fees are in conformity with this schedule.

CHAPTER 7:  The United States Trustee has oversight over all bankruptcy cases. In Chapter 7, while no it has established $1500.00 as the presumptively reasonable “no look-back” fee, exclusive of the $335.00 filing fee.  In general for consumer cases, attorneys’ fees range from $1500.00 to $2500.00.  Fees in excess of $2500.00 are actively discouraged, and an attorney who charges in excess of that amount will usually be summoned before the sitting Judge in that Case for an explanation.  Fees for corporate  or other non-consumer cases are discretionary, and therefore not constrained to the above-listed parameters.

CHAPTER 11: Professional fees in Chapter 11 cases are discretionary, and based on the complexity of the case and the specific outcome desired. The court filing fee for a Chapter 11 case is $1717.00.

My fee entitles my clients to as much time as is necessary to prepare their petitions and to advise and consult with them, and to represent them in the federal proceeding they have chosen. It is my policy that no paralegal or support person will work on a client’s case: all clients will work exclusively with an attorney -namely me – from start to finish.